The traditional closed-laced essential in every gentleman's closet .

UB shoes features a single piece of leather assuring the highest and finest finish in terms of quality and comfort.

Most dress shoes are made from multiple pieces of leather sewn together. In UB shoes, there are no additional pieces – no vamps or no quarters.

The skins that are used to create UB shoe leather should be free of marks and blemishes. The texture of the leather needs to be consistent across the entire shoe.

UB shoes are painstakingly assembled by an experienced craftsman, using only the highest quality leather.

The sharper chisel toe on UB gives the body of the shoe a little more purpose, an appearance of an elongated toe design thus dressier appeal. The raised bump on the toe speaks of intentional higher style that sets them apart from regular shoes.

The UB has the distinctive closed lacing system and this along with the single piece construction gives it an extremely clean and sleek look.

Due to their design, UB feature the same closed-lace design found on Oxfords. An all-black UB in patent leather or mirror polished calf leather works as an evening shoe as long as it has no brogue.

UB COLLEZIONE branded leather shoes can be found in UOMO BOSS Co LLC DUBAI UNITED ARAB EMIRATES

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