A leather jacket is one of the most versatile items you can own. Turbo-charge your casual game with a classic smart style.

The leather outfits produced by UB are considered one of the best in the world and are only of one type “nappa leather” that are sourced from special farms in italy that supply skins of sheep less than a year old only to have the softest leather possible.

All skins are taken to special drum machines to be cleaned through special chemicals and then are sent for dying according to the colors needed.

Once finished, UB quality controllers pay huge attention choosing the best skins without defects and then choose out of these skins the ones that match in color dye.

Approved skins are distributed among the productive team workers that start production according to the models desired.

Once finished, a final quality control is made to ensure the best result with no defects no matter what it was.

Finally, a second skin above yours.

UB COLLEZIONE branded leather suits can be found in UOMO BOSS Co LLC DUBAI UNITED ARAB EMIRATES

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