Only natural silk enriches the feel of the fabrics in UB suits and jackets to have an exceptional softness.

The variety of silk percentage from 10% to 40% gives the piece a tremendous feel that no other combination of fabrics can ever give; nevertheless this combination facilitates the fact that the suit, jacket or even trouser shall decrease the crease during usage.


The leather outfits produced by UB are considered one of the best in the world and are only of one type “nappa leather” that are sourced from special farms in italy that supply skins of sheep less than a year old only to have the softest leather possible.

All skins are taken to special drum machines to be cleaned through special chemicals and then are sent for dying according to the colors needed.

Once finished, UB quality controllers pay huge attention choosing the best skins without defects and then choose out of these skins the ones that match in color dye.

Approved skins are distributed among the productive team workers that start production according to the models desired.

Once finished, a final quality control is made to ensure the best result with no defects no matter what it was.

Finally, a second skin above yours.


This precious fibre is obtained from the fleece of the Hircus goat, which has been bred by Asian peoples for over 7,500 years in the most inaccessible areas of the Himalayas. Today the species can be found in the Xinjiang region as well as in Tibet and Mongolia.

The fleece of the Hircus goat, which has been used since the times of the Great Mogol, may be white, the most prized colour, or in various natural tones that range from beige to dark brown.

Its long coat hides a precious, soft, warm undercoat called duvet, which enables the animal to maintain a constant body temperature even in the cold climates of the Asian mountains.

The duvet is gathered in June by combing. Each animal produces just a few hundred grams of fibres per year with a diameter of about 15 microns.

The goats raised in Inner Mongolia produce the finest duvet, which is softer and silkier to the touch.

These are the fibres selected and used by UB.


Ub uses only refined fabrics, both light weight and soft woven by the best italian mills and are made only after several tests and trials targeting the customer satisfaction and comfort requirements and ability to adapt to any physical shape.

The quality of the cloth used is of the highest standards ever; worsted and woolens s’150, s’160, s’180; and s’200 (on special order basis only).


The wool used in all pullovers and sweaters is of very high standards and with extra cared supertwists assuring the same quality standards even after several wash tests and extremely hard usage circumstances.


In its sports line, UB has also looked after the teenagers and those who would like to switch between the classic and the casual outfit, and since the style of this brand is so trendy yet semi classic, therefore UB tried to have the quality of the denim used for the casual items so light in weight but still strong in quality and soft in touch at the same time.

After several tests and researches, UB only concentrated on the range of 9.5onz to 13.5onz as the heaviest type of denim, and thus all this led to have the denim casual items of this brand among the best qualities and feels ever.


It is known that the most important factor in men’s garments is the shirt since it is the first item underneath the suit and the only item that either allows the body to breath or not, therefore UB has paid attention to this particular item and so concentrated to have the quality of its shirts of high standards and only of double twisted yarns and wrinkle free finishes

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